It’s Friday, but Sunday’s Comin’! 12.01.2017

It’s Friday, but Sunday’s Comin’! 12.01.2017

It’s Friday, but Sunday’s  Comin’!

Hello, Church.  I hope and pray that you will gather with the rest of us for worship Sunday morning at 9:00.  As Christmas approaches each year, I give a lot of time to the consideration of how I can preach on topics or texts that you would be happy to invite a friend to hear.

Since even our mostly-secular society at least pays lip service to the idea of Christmas, we usually end up with a larger-than-normal compliment of visitors toward the end of December.  And many of those guests come to worship because you invite them.  Good for you!  That’s what all of us should always be doing, so keep it up.  But don’t wait until December 24 to bring someone to church for Christmas.  Go ahead and bring them this Sunday, because I’m starting a new four-week series called “From God to You” that highlights four of the greatest gifts we have from God in Christ.  You can find that schedule on the front of the bulletin attached to this email.

I hope you’ll read it, and I pray that you will invite your family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, and anyone else you can think of to hear these sermons which I hope will help instill in us a profound sense of thankfulness for the priceless blessings God continues to share with us.  Pray for me that I will preach in ways that bring honor and glory to God.  I’ll be praying that God opens doors for you in your efforts to share the gifts of God with those you love.

See you Sunday,