What to Expect

What to Expect


Even though God does not accept sin, he does meet us where we are as we seek him. Jesus was ridiculed by the religious elite of his day, because he often spent time with “sinners” who were searching for a better way. Instead of turning his back or turning up his nose, Jesus built relationships with compassion and grace. So even if you’re not perfect (none of us are), you can come and begin a
journey of spiritual healing and growth with us.


If you believe in a powerful God who created all things for a purpose, then it only makes sense to learn who that God is, what he wants for us, and what he calls us to do with our lives. We find the answers to those questions in the Bible. We are a church that is guided in our lives and ministries by God’s word. Our beliefs aren’t driven by polling or society’s approval; we believe that Jesus has taught us how to live in ways that are both compassionate and righteous, and we do our best to reflect that in everything we do.


God designed “church” to be a family of believers joined together by their faith in Jesus and their desire to live like him. We are a closely-knit community who love each other. That love is demonstrated in the way we spend time together in worship, service, fellowship, study, and prayer. If you’re looking for a place to belong and to use your gifts for good, you can find
your fit here.


Our church family has people of all ages, from many diverse backgrounds, who speak different languages and have different countries of origin. It’s a great place to enjoy the kind
of unity, harmony, and brotherhood that is so needed in the world around us.


Our worship assemblies are not flashy or designed to entertain; rather, they are planned to help us glorify our God and encourage one another. We sing and pray. We read from the Bible and hear a lesson based on Scripture. We proclaim the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ through our taking of the Lord’s Supper (also called Communion or Eucharist). We rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep. And in all this, we are refreshed by the Holy Spirit of God, because we worship from our hearts.

Family-friendly Facilities.

All ages are welcome here! Jesus loved children, and we try to help them understand their importance in the church and in God’s kingdom. We have an equipped nursery and a place of privacy for nursing mothers. We also have Bible classes at 10:30 each Sunday morning for all ages (infant through adult).

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