It’s Friday, but Sunday’s Comin’!

It’s Friday, but Sunday’s Comin’!

Good afternoon, Church!

When I say, “It’s Friday, but Sunday’s Comin!” that’s a borrowed reference to the immeasurable difference that God can make in our lives. Remember where Jesus was on the great Friday? He was on trail, he was scourged, and he was crucified. His lifeless corpse was laid in the tomb. That was Friday. But God was still at work, and you know where Jesus was found on Sunday–not a corpse in the cold stone tomb but a living, risen Savior! That’s Sunday.

We still need Sundays to follow Fridays.  We still need hope and newness to follow death and despair.  And because of God, they still do.  There is always a new dawn of hope and opportunities on the way.

And as you prepare to see what God has on the horizon, do what Jesus did.  Prepare like hid did for that great Friday, and pray.

This Sunday morning when we gather for worship and encouragement, we will have a special order of worship that helps us focus on the blessings of prayer. In the meantime, be sure to spend time with your God. He is listening, and he is coming!

God bless,



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    Genny Stuckey

    I love 💕 the awesome family at Manchester Church of Christ who love each other and speak GOD’s word always!!❤️

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