Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day

Happy (early) Father’s Day!

Like many of you, I know some of the ups and downs of being a dad, and I’m humbled by the reality that God places his new innocent image-bearers in our care. Sure, they may have our DNA, but make no mistake–they are God’s children.

Since that’s true, one of the biggest responsibilities of our lives is to guide these young ones into a knowledge and relationship with their Father. They will ultimately, as adults, make their own decisions regarding belief and faithfulness, but it’s up to us to light their way with His word and to be the kind of example that makes them want to follow the Christ we follow.

We aren’t perfect. Not even close. But our Father in heaven is, and as we develop a passion that mirrors his own, we find our purpose in his mission. And that mission starts at home.

More on that Sunday at 9:00 at the Manchester Church of Christ. Hope to see you there!

Preaching Minister, Manchester Church of Christ

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