Outreach Ministry

Outreach Ministry


A word that can mean different things to different people. Here at the Manchester Church of Christ, our main vehicle by which we seek to extend the influence of Christ to others is simply the gospel of Jesus. This is because we serve a Lord who was not content to simply remain in heaven but knew that He had to reach out to a lost humanity by becoming one of us, even to the extent of offering Himself as a sacrifice for us.

The gospel (or good news of the death, burial and resurrection of Christ) is at the center of all that we do here at the Manchester church. As we worship God, as we greet the numerous guests who visit our worship services, as we mail invitations to those who have recently moved to our community, through our hosting of community events and more, we seek to be known as those who reach out to others with the gospel of Christ. This is because the forgiveness of sins God offers through Jesus’ death coupled with the eternal life He offers through the resurrection of His Son are the two things most needed by mankind.

In our worship of the Lord as well as in our interaction with others, it is our desire to communicate, especially to those who are seeking God, that we can be made right in the sight of God and that we can have the assurance of eternal life that we desire. If you would like to be “reached out to” so to speak, with the gospel that regenerates, renews and restores, then contact me here. I would love to hear from you and even more to reach out to you with the good news of Jesus.

Once a week I write a Mid-week Newsletter. Please see the current copy below. Thank you!

Anthony Melakian, Outreach Minister